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Cloud7 Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect your business-critical data and workloads with our Cloud backup and disaster recovery solution.


How cloud7 Disaster Recovery benefits you?


Reduction of Costs

Cloud7 disaster recovery simply eliminates the need for server maintenance, deployments, testing, and configurations. The recovery time for the data is reduced, which can also reduce your costs too.


Low RPO and RTO values

Cloud7 is the right choice for you as it lets your replicate the workloads with ease from the physical environments to the cloud platforms quite easily. RPO and RPO will benefit you a lot.


Business Applications Recovery

Cloud7 is set to boot the devices without copying any data or without any of the disk preparations, directly from the snapshots, minimizing the downtime. Your workloads are returned without facing any data loss.


DR Automation

You can get high-level disaster recovery for both private and public cloud platforms by using Cloud7. You will be getting a fully automated functionality for orchestration, providing you with high availability of data.


User Rights Management

We provide you with the solutions with which, you can also create some scenarios that can provide you with self-healing. The access policies can also be aligned with your interest.


Multi-Tenancy Partner Portal

The partner portal of Cloud7 offers complete multi-tenancy within the platform. The DRaaS can easily be integrated with our billing system and it can also save your costs.

Disaster Recovery solutions to match your needs


DR for Public or Private Cloud

Cloud7 provides quality private and public cloud solutions with quality disaster recovery solutions. It reduces the costs of disaster recovery and also the RTO and RPO while recovering a DR site.

Cross-Cloud Disaster Recovery

You can’t simply rely on one single cloud provider as it would not ensure high availability so one needs to deploy their workloads into multiple public cloud environments. Even if your cloud provider fails, Cloud7 ensures that it restores access to your data and rescues it.


Disaster Recovery On-Premise

Cloud7 allows you multi-region on-premise disaster recovery support in different availability zones. You will be allowed to easily replicate your workloads, within rational RTO and RPO values that will be providing you with the maximum reliability of the on-premise DR.

Taking Your OpenStack Billing And Cloud Management Experience To The Next Level


Cloud7 Cloud Backup Solutions

We have complete retention policies that are long-term and our platform supports you with complete backup scenarios. It allows the complete protection of your data and ensures the possibility to restore the data quickly.

Cloud7 provides the best backup services that can meet your interest with its easily manageable backup solution. You will be enabled to backup your workloads, critical data, application sand much more with just a few clicks.

Cloud7 backup option allows you to restore the data easily without losing any of the data and deliver high quality service to ensure reliability and trust.

Our DR Process in 5 Steps

Deploy the replication agent

You can choose the level of your cloud integration 

Configure replication and retention settings 

You can easily start the replication of the data and application in the background


Create a DR Plan and configure auto-testing 

On the basis of the replicated infrastructure, the DR plans will be generated automatically


Run recovery flow when you have a disaster 

In the case of any disaster, you can run a failover immediately


Run a failback to restore your production site

Restore all the changes from the DR site to the workloads of the production within a short time span 


What Is the Importance Of Disaster Recovery?

If your business highly relies on the IT infrastructure then IT disasters might pose a big threat. You will be losing quite a lot of money due to such mis happening and most disasters take place due to human error or hardware failures.

You can take a few steps with the help of our disaster recovery specialists, that can minimize the disaster recovery solutions.

Disaster Recovery Challenges


High costs

In order to ensure the low RTO and RPO, you should get your own advanced network features and servers with the implementation of quality DR solutions for your organization.

Meeting RPO

Meeting RPO

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) elaborates you how much data can be affordable to lose in the case of a disaster. The bigger the organization, more risk of data loss.


Meeting RTO

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) means the tolerable time before the system can easily recover from the disruption. It might take a while for a company to fully restore the applications.


Plan for DR Maintenance

Many organizations who usually fail to maintain the plan for disaster recovery and their data keeps evolving and they are unable to manage it.

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