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A Seamless Cloud Migration Experience

Cloud7 strives to provide you with the finest Cloud migration experience to ensure your satisfaction through our services. A reliable and versatile cloud migration solution for you!


Cloud Migration Solution with Cloud7


Complete Support For Platforms

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Cloud7 automates each and every step for your ease. You have options to choose pre-defined plans or customize a plan for migration within a few steps.


Reliable and Fail-Safe

You are allowed to complete as many test migrations as you want. Cloud7’s migration steps and planned goals are transforming the migration into a simplified process.



Cloud7 runs on the IT environment of the customers and is completely isolated. It is completely secured and there are absolutely no dependencies on Cloud7 resources.


Fast and Cost-Effective

Cloud7's migration software allows you to automatically reduce your deadlines as it provides you with your projects within weeks, or months, within reasonable costs.



Cloud7 allows its partners to seamlessly manage all the projects of their customer's cloud migration. It also prevents customers to see each other’s available resources.

Benefits of Cloud7 Cloud Migration

Cloud7 provides any cloud to cloud migration with simplified cloud migration tactics, providing you with quality solutions. It includes the migration of Google Cloud Platform, KVM, Alibaba Cloud, Bare Metal, OpenStack, VMware, IBM Cloud, MS Azure, and AWS 

Replicate Workloads

Replicate workloads and test the targeted sites after replication.

Automated Process

The migration process is carried out with complete automation.

Test Migrations

Configure the workload settings and also do infinite test migrations.

Orchestration Support

Supported orchestration of resources, workloads, and migration services.

Cloud7 Migration Process

The process of cloud migration includes the transfer of any digital business from infrastructure or on-premise to a different cloud.

Easily Start Your Application Replication

Without having any impact on your performance, you can easily start to replicate the applications, and data of the machines. Continue your replication in a hassle-free way without any hesitation. 

Target Your Cloud For Data Storage

The target cloud is selected and all the data is set to be in the cloud-native format. Select the cloud in which you want all your data to be stored and make sure that you are choosing the right one. 


Launch Your Applications With Automated Orchestration

All the business applications are easily launched on the target platform with automated orchestration. If not, you can also take expert’s help and they will surely be able to help you in launching your applications.


Cross-Check With Unlimited Test Migrations

Run a set of different performance tests without putting any kind of impact on the performance and the ability to run unlimited tests in the isolated VPC. You can always cross-check for any errors beforehand. 


Perform Final Cutover With Small Maintenance Window

Within a predictable and small maintenance window, perform a final cutover or migration. Configure everything is on point and make sure that there is no room for errors or mistakes during the final cutover.


What Obstacles Can Rise During A Cloud Migration?


Planning Out The Right Cloud Strategy

Everything is needed to be planned out and understood before moving to a cloud environment. Be it opting for the right cloud provider, finding the most cost-effective options, or exploring the stages of migration.


Costs for Cloud Migration

You are enabled to migrate without making many efforts and provided with a seamless experience. The portal consists of high-level automation and the cost-effective software that will provide you with infinite test migrations.


Security Errors In

The customers are provided with expert-level security while the process of migration is being carried out. The traffic which is replicated will be transmitted to the site that is being targeted through the machine of our customer.

Taking Your OpenStack Billing And Cloud Management Experience To The Next Level


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