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Achieve Your Vision With FinOps

Get the most out of Cloud7 FinOps, which can help you optimize cloud costs, orchestrate workload usage for IT environments, and deploy Kubernetes to create forecasts.


FinOps for Kubernetes

Cloud7 helps you optimize cloud costs for Kubernetes container infrastructure. It allows you to gain insight into the containerized environment, create cost analysis of multiple clusters and define owners.

Information guarantee, real-time recommendations, budget allocation, and resource constraints so Kubernetes clusters are not wasted.

Identify Waste

Identify resources that are completely idle or underutilized and select cloud regions that are reasonable in terms of performance and price. Start using Cloud7's resizing features right away. Benefit from dozens of out-of-the-box recommendations to optimize the performance.

Optimize Expenses

You can easily optimize the costs for your cloud and the workloads. Cloud7 provides discounts, fragmented nodes rebalancing, autoscaling, node resizing, etc. You can easily cut the bills of your cloud by the utilization of cloud health monitoring and cloud cost map.


Achieve Observability

Get a comprehensive view of the health, price, and performance of resources, applications, and your entire IT infrastructure from your Cloud7 dashboard. Get instant alerts on budget wastage, application performance bottlenecks, and cost anomalies. Cloud7 ensures full usage and cost transparency across Kubernetes and traditional workloads.

Organize Applications and Resources

Implement tagging systems to make application and resource usage more visible. Map all costs for unique users, projects, and organizational units. Allocate budgets and resources to team members and projects, and easily identify the boundaries of responsibilities.

Setting TTL and Budget Constraints

You can easily detect budget overruns within a limited time by group constraints, set TTL rules, and audit individual clusters and resources. IT teams can easily track all events happening through Cloud7, receive instant notifications, set budget thresholds and actions for audit purposes.


Set up a Process That Can Save Costs

Cost optimization cannot be maintained in a few days as it is a time-consuming task and it is an ongoing process. R&D members are always involved in the cost saving process and are also responsible for the budget and workloads allocated to them with the help of Cloud7.

Cost management and FinOps implementation can also be easily included by engineers using various integrations. This is the right way to achieve the desired budget transparency and significantly reduce bills.

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What You Can Do With Cloud7


Observe The Behavior of Application

Cloud7 monitors the resource metrics and the key application including the storage utilization, network, and CPU. Cloud7 collects the data from the tools that are related to the cloud-native industry.


Identify Bottlenecks

Cloud7 reads and identifies the patterns, historical data, and performance metrics that can help in the identification of bottlenecks. Some bottlenecks might also include the underutilization of CPU, wrong node pool etc.


Recommend Performance Enhancements

There are many different performance enhancement scenarios that are provided by Cloud7 including reduction of cross-region traffic, pod affinity groups, CI/CD job resource reflavoring, VM rightsizing.


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