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Unleash the Power of Huawei Cloud with Cloud7's Multi-Cloud Management

Revolutionize your cloud operations with Huawei Cloud and Cloud7, designed for enterprises, GSIs, MSPs, and resellers.

Why Choose Cloud7 for Huawei Cloud Management?

Cloud7 integrates seamlessly with Huawei Cloud, offering a comprehensive platform to manage, automate, and monetize your cloud services. Empower your enterprise with full cloud governance, enhanced visibility, and automated billing solutions


Powerful Features & Functions

Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management are vital for managing and monetizing cloud resources. With Cloud7, you can let your customers use Cloud resources

  • Audit-Logging
  • Single sign-on
  • Customer Self-Service

Subscription  & Contract Management


Cloud7 comes with comprehensive Product, Subscription & Contract Management modules which lets you easily create and sell products via subscriptions

  • Bundles
  • Reservations
  • Pay As You Go

Comprehensive  Metering & Reporting

Cloud7 has a rich and comprehensive cloud metering and reporting functionality available to simplify the way you plan and strategize your cloud.

  • Usage Reports
  • Billing Reports
  • Subscription Insights

Enhanced & Unified Billing

Cloud7 has a comprehensive built-in billing system that lets you bill and invoice your customers for the subscriptions and the resource utilization on the cloud.

  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Automated Dunning
  • Payment Gateway Integration

Customer Self- Service Portal


Cloud7’s self-service portal can delegate the management of the resources to your customers and resellers. It comes with multiple tiers of user levels.

  • Administrator Interface
  • Customer Interface
  • Reseller Interface

Cloud Service Management

Cloud7 provides CSPs the ability to manage all their services across multiple geographical regions to be managed from Cloud7 administrative interface.

  • Provider Management
  • Contract Management
  • Revenue Reporting

Unlock Unparalleled Benefits with Cloud7 and Huawei Cloud


Cloud Automation:

Cloud7 automates provisioning, configuration, and management of Huawei Cloud resources like Virtual Instances, Storage, and Networking.


Cloud Cost Visibility:

Unify cloud cost data across Huawei Cloud and other providers for granular insights and informed budgeting.


Enhanced Security & Governance:

Cloud7 enforces security policies and compliance standards across your multi-cloud environment for peace of mind.


Enterprises & GSIs:

Cloud7 empowers Enterprises and Global System Integrators (GSIs) to implement cloud governance use cases like cost visibility, automation, and lifecycle management across hybrid cloud environments.


MSPs & Resellers:

Managed service providers (MSPs), Cloud Managed Service Providers, and Resellers can leverage Cloud7 for automated billing and cloud governance features to deliver superior value to their clients.


Automated Billing:

Deliver automated and transparent billing to your customers for Huawei Cloud services.

Leverage the Full Power of Huawei Cloud with Cloud7

Explore core functionalities for Compute, Storage, and Networking:

Why Choose Vmware Cloud Management Platform with Cloud7?

Features Cloud7 Competitor
Cloud Cost Visibility Yes Partial
Automation & Orchestration Yes Limited
Lifecycle Management Yes No
Enhanced & Unified Billing Yes Partial
Integrated Compute Services Yes Yes
Scalable Storage Solutions Yes Limited
Advanced Networking Yes Partial
24/7/365 Ticket Support Yes Limited
Multi-Cloud Support Yes Limited
Scalability & Flexibility Yes Limited
Marketplace Yes No
Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution Yes No
Cloud Migration Solution Yes No

Ready to Elevate Your Cloud Management?

Experience the full potential of Huawei Cloud and Cloud7 today.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can email us at info@cloud7.io if your question is not listed below:

What are the benefits of using Cloud7 with Huawei Cloud?

Cloud7 offers several benefits, including automation of cloud operations, unified cost visibility across your cloud environments, enhanced security and governance, and the ability to deliver superior value to your clients (if you’re an MSP or reseller).

Does Cloud7 support other cloud providers besides Huawei Cloud?

Yes, Cloud7 is a multi-cloud management platform and supports integrations with other cloud providers in addition to Huawei Cloud.

What Huawei Cloud IaaS services does Cloud7 integrate with?

Cloud7 integrates with a wide range of Huawei Cloud IaaS services, including Virtual Instances, Storage (EVS, SFS, Object Storage), Networking (VPC, VPN, VPC Endpoint, Elastic IP, Access Control, Load Balancing, Net Gateway), and more.

I'm an Enterprise/GSI. How can Cloud7 help me?

Cloud7 empowers you to achieve cloud governance excellence by providing functionalities for cost visibility, automation, and lifecycle management across your hybrid cloud environments.

I'm an MSP/Reseller. What are the benefits of Cloud7 for my business?

Cloud7 helps you deliver more value to your clients by offering automated billing and cloud governance features alongside your managed services.

How does Cloud7 integrate with Huawei Cloud?

Cloud7 integrates seamlessly with Huawei Cloud IaaS services, allowing users to manage and monitor multiple cloud environments from a single interface. This integration supports cloud cost visibility, automation, lifecycle management, and automated billing functionalities.

Where can I find more information about pricing and plans?

For detailed information about pricing and plans, please contact our sales team you can also reach out through the “Contact Us” link in the footer.