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Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management can help you monetize your cloud resources and it is also beneficial for their management. You can simply allow your customers to utilize your cloud resources in a completely effective and secure way through Cloud7.

What Distinguishes Us

We help you achieve better with our solutions based on your requirements and elevate your business to great heights. Our portal consists of features that can cater to your needs easily!



Cloud7 is integrated with the Multi-tenant feature which forces the customers to stay isolated within their own network only.


Customer Self-Service

Cloud7 consists of a self-service portal that allows your customers to easily subscribe, manage, and log into their own tenants.


Reseller Portal

Cloud7 consists of a reseller portal where the resources can easily be managed and repackaged for their customers with ease.



Staff members allow your resellers and customers to create their own staff member accounts with different privileges.



The audit-logging feature is helpful for those people who want to keep an eye on every activity taking place within the portal.


Active Directory

Cloud7 can easily be integrated with an Active Directory to provide you with a seamless user experience that you will surely like.


Single Sign-On

Your customers and resellers can manage resources on multiple Cloud platforms without reauthenticating for each platform.

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