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Self-Service Portal

Cloud7’s self-service portal can delegate the management of the resources to your customers and resellers. Cloud7 comes with three tiers of user levels, i.e., Admin, Reseller, and Customer.

Administrator Interface To Help You Serve Your Customer-Base

Our admin portal can provide you with the features and functionalities to keep a track of your customers

  • Set subscription plan’s subscription period
  • View, create, edit and delete service products
  • Set number of resources to be consumed
  • View, create, edit or delete subscription plans
An administrator interface to help you serve your customer-base

Our Customer Interface Can Help You Make The Most Out Of Your Resources

Customer interface allows you to perform different actions on your resources and utilize them according to your choice

  • Staff Role creation
  • Customer can apply for increasing the credit-limit
  • Apply for and convert trial account to live account
  • List, create, and delete instances

A User-Friendly Reseller Interface To Meet Your Needs

Resellers in Cloud7 portal are provided with a wide range of functionalities with self-service rights, that can help you a lot within the portal

  • Customer creation and management
  • Resource Provisioning, Management and Deprovisioning rights
  • Invoicing view and download
  • Create Volume from Snapshot

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