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Manage Your VMware with Cloud7 Portal: Freedom, Flexibility, Control

Cloud7 presents the Cloud Platform for VMware, offering a self-service vCenter cloud management portal. Enhance your VMware vCenter with secure self-service functionality and adaptable billing capabilities.


Powerful Features & Functions

Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management are vital for managing and monetizing cloud resources. With Cloud7, you can let your customers use Cloud resources

  • Audit-Logging
  • Single sign-on
  • Customer Self-Service

Subscription  & Contract Management


Cloud7 comes with comprehensive Product, Subscription & Contract Management modules which lets you easily create and sell products via subscriptions

  • Bundles
  • Reservations
  • Pay As You Go

Comprehensive  Metering & Reporting

Cloud7 has a rich and comprehensive cloud metering and reporting functionality available to simplify the way you plan and strategize your cloud.

  • Usage Reports
  • Billing Reports
  • Subscription Insights

Enhanced & Unified Billing

Cloud7 has a comprehensive built-in billing system that lets you bill and invoice your customers for the subscriptions and the resource utilization on the cloud.

  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Automated Dunning
  • Payment Gateway Integration

Customer Self- Service Portal


Cloud7’s self-service portal can delegate the management of the resources to your customers and resellers. It comes with multiple tiers of user levels.

  • Administrator Interface
  • Customer Interface
  • Reseller Interface

Cloud Service Management

Cloud7 provides CSPs the ability to manage all their services across multiple geographical regions to be managed from Cloud7 administrative interface.

  • Provider Management
  • Contract Management
  • Revenue Reporting

Freedom from Vendor Lock-In: Multi-Cloud Management Made Easy

Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing VMware environment while allowing you to manage workloads across any cloud provider. This flexibility empowers you to:

Migrate and manage VMware workloads: Move your VMs with ease between different cloud providers based on your evolving needs.

Avoid vendor lock-in: Never be restricted to a single cloud vendor. Cloud7 provides a unified management experience for your entire hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Optimize your cloud strategy: Choose the best cloud provider for each workload based on cost, performance, and other factors.

Visibility and Control: Centralized Command for Your VMware Cloud

Gain a clear and comprehensive view of your entire VMware environment with Cloud7. Our centralized management console provides real-time insights into:

VM health and performance: Proactively identify and address potential issues.

Resource utilization: Optimize resource allocation and identify areas for cost savings.

Security posture: Maintain a robust security framework across your entire cloud infrastructure.

Simplified Cost Management: Automate and Optimize Your Cloud Spending

Cloud7 takes the guesswork out of cloud cost management. Our automated workflows and granular billing features help you:

Optimize resource allocation: Allocate resources efficiently to avoid overspending.

No hidden fees: Gain detailed cost breakdowns to identify and eliminate unnecessary charges.

Make data-driven decisions: Leverage real-time cost insights to optimize your cloud budget.

Increased Efficiency: Streamline Workflows and Boost Productivity

Focus on innovation, not repetitive tasks. Cloud7 automates routine VMware cloud management processes, including:

VM provisioning and deployments: Simplify VM creation and deployment across your cloud infrastructure.

Ongoing management tasks: Automate routine tasks like patching and updates to free up IT resources.

Workflow orchestration: Streamline complex workflows for faster time to value.

Improved Security and Compliance: Fortify Your Cloud Environment

Security is a top priority. Cloud7 goes beyond basic VMware cloud management tools by offering robust security features to:

Protect workloads: Protect your VMs from evolving cyber threats with multi-layered defenses.

Maintain compliance: Ensure adherence to industry regulations and security best practices with automated controls.

Proactive Security: Stay ahead of potential threats with continuous threat detection, monitoring, and automated incident response.

Cloud7 for VMware: Key Features:

Cloud7’s core functionalities for managing VMware, such as:

  • VM provisioning and migration
  • Performance monitoring and analytics
  • Cost management and reporting
  • Security and compliance tools
  • Automated workflows (e.g., auto-scaling)
  • Integration with existing vCenter deployments

Embrace the benefits of Cloud7 and unlock the full potential of your VMware cloud infrastructure.

Simplifying Cloud Billing and Self Service Cloud Management for Your Business

Cloud7 understands your frustration. That’s why we offer a powerful, user-friendly solution that transforms your cloud billing experience. Here’s how Cloud7 empowers you to take control:


Simplified Billing:

Cloud7 provides a single, unified bill for all your cloud expenses. This simplifies expense management and offers a crystal-clear view of your overall cloud spending.


Granular Cost:

We provide detailed breakdowns of your cloud resource utilization, allowing you to pinpoint exactly where your costs are stemming from.


Self-Service VM Provisioning:

No more waiting for IT! Users can provision virtual machines on-demand with pre-approved configurations, accelerating project timelines.


Simplify VDC Management:

Gain granular control over your Virtual Data Centers with self-service VDC management tools. Easily allocate resources, manage access, and automate routine tasks.


Why Choose Vmware Cloud Management Platform with Cloud7?

Features Cloud7 Competitor
Cloud Cost Visibility Yes Partial
Automation & Orchestration Yes Limited
Lifecycle Management Yes No
Enhanced & Unified Billing Yes Partial
Integrated Compute Services Yes Yes
Scalable Storage Solutions Yes Limited
Advanced Networking Yes Partial
24/7/365 Ticket Support Yes Limited
Multi-Cloud Support Yes Limited
Scalability & Flexibility Yes Limited
Marketplace Yes No
Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution Yes No
Cloud Migration Solution Yes No

Simplify and optimize your VMware environment with our innovative multi-cloud management platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can email us at info@cloud7.io if your question is not listed below:

What is Cloud7 Cloud Platform for VMware?

Cloud7 is a self-service cloud management portal that enhances your existing VMware environment with functionalities like secure self-service capabilities and flexible billing options.

Can I integrate Cloud7 with my existing cloud infrastructure?

Yes, Cloud7 integrates seamlessly with your existing VMware environment and allows you to manage workloads across any cloud provider, providing a unified management experience for your entire hybrid cloud infrastructure.

How does Cloud7's self-service functionality work?

Cloud7 empowers users to provision and manage VMs within your VMware environment directly through a user-friendly interface, reducing reliance on IT for routine tasks.

What are the next steps after scheduling a demo?

After scheduling a demo, one of our Cloud7 specialists will contact you to discuss your specific needs and showcase how Cloud7 can benefit your organization.

Does Cloud7 offer role-based access control (RBAC) for managing user permissions?

Yes, Cloud7 provides RBAC to ensure granular control over user access and permissions within your VMware environment.

Does Cloud7 offer any migration assistance for moving existing VMware workloads?

Yes, Cloud7 offers migration assistance services to help you seamlessly transition your existing VMware workloads to our platform. Our team of experts can assist with planning, execution, and validation to ensure a smooth migration process.