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Cloud Service Management

Cloud7 provides the management and consolidating capabilities to the CSPs across the multiple geographic regions from the administrative interface of Cloud7.

What Sets Us Apart

We help you achieve better with our solutions based on your requirements and elevate your business to great heights. Our portal consists of features that can cater to your needs easily!


Multi-Region Support

Cloud7 provides complete support for multiple regions. With its completely user-friendly and centralized interface, you can easily manage the services across multiple regions


Provider Management

Cloud7 provides support for multiple providers including (OpenStack, VMware, RHV, etc.) and they can easily be managed and maintained from within the portal


Contract Management

Cloud7 lets you manage and create contracts with ease and customize each contract's terms and conditions according to your customers with ease including the duration period


Capacity Reporting

The process of cloud capacity planning is completely simplified with the help of Cloud7. You are enabled to get the complete insight on utilization of capacity and availability


Revenue Reporting

You can easily determine the generated revenue on the basis of resource utilization and subscriptions by the customers and the resellers with Cloud7’s detailed revenue reports


Email Management

In Cloud7, there is a built-in emailing delivery system that generates automatic emails for different events and alerts that can easily be sent to the customers or resellers

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