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OpenStack Billing System & Control Panel

Seamless OpenStack control panel and billing system to easily provision, manage, and bill a full spectrum of hybrid environments.

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Powerful Features & Functions

Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management are vital for managing and monetizing cloud resources. With Cloud7, you can let your customers use Cloud resources

  • Audit-Logging
  • Single sign-on
  • Customer Self-Service

Subscription  & Contract Management


Cloud7 comes with comprehensive Product, Subscription & Contract Management modules which lets you easily create and sell products via subscriptions

  • Bundles
  • Reservations
  • Pay As You Go

Comprehensive  Metering & Reporting

Cloud7 has a rich and comprehensive cloud metering and reporting functionality available to simplify the way you plan and strategize your cloud.

  • Usage Reports
  • Billing Reports
  • Subscription Insights

Enhanced & Unified Billing

Cloud7 has a comprehensive built-in billing system that lets you bill and invoice your customers for the subscriptions and the resource utilization on the cloud.

  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Automated Dunning
  • Payment Gateway Integration

Customer Self- Service Portal


Cloud7’s self-service portal can delegate the management of the resources to your customers and resellers. It comes with multiple tiers of user levels.

  • Administrator Interface
  • Customer Interface
  • Reseller Interface

Cloud Service Management

Cloud7 provides CSPs the ability to manage all their services across multiple geographical regions to be managed from Cloud7 administrative interface.

  • Provider Management
  • Contract Management
  • Revenue Reporting

Transform Your Cloud With Our OpenStack Billing System

Cloud7 has distinguished features for provisioning, managing, and billing that can simplify things for all the CSPs at most. Cloud7 can facilitate them with:

  • Improvise
  • Enterprise-grade Services
  • Satisfied Users
  • Quality Solutions
Supported Platforms

A single platform for all cloud solutions.


Cloud7 is integrated with OpenStack and provides hassle-free OpenStack Billing and OpenStack management. You might not get a better cloud billing system anywhere else because our team has worked miles on this portal to help you make the most out of your cloud.

We are simplifying your OpenStack management and billing by reducing the complexities of your cloud, providing you with top-notch features and functionalities!


Cloud7 is integrated with VMware to provide you with the complete features of VMware management and billing system. It also supports the VMware vCenter that is easily compatible with our portal.

You are enabled to provision, deprovision, and manage different resources, required by the customers on VMware.


Kubernetes is also supported in Cloud7 and you will be getting lots of features for navigating and utilizing our platform for your benefit. If you are looking for a seamless cloud management and billing platform, look nowhere else because Cloud7 is all you need. You can benefit with our kubernetes experts who can guide you through our portal and also help you in resolving your queries, enhancing your user experience. 


Cloud7 is integrated with Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) and allows you to make the most out of this platform by utilizing your resources well. It is catering you with the finest RHV management and billing experience that you haven’t witnessed ever before, ensuring your complete satisfaction. RHV cloud management and billing is no longer complex as Cloud7 has taken the initiative to simplify everything for you. 


Cloud7 supports Oracle Linux Virtualization (OLV) in its portal and the customers can choose this platform if they are interested in it. You won’t be able to witness a better experience than this for billing and management of your cloud. Cloud7 provides you with enterprise-grade features and its experts are always available to help the customers.

Taking Your OpenStack Billing And Cloud Management Experience To The Next Level


No Vendor Lock-In

Cloud7 resolves the vendor lock-in issue and provides a smooth multi-cloud experience to the customers


Extendable Framework

Cloud7 has an extendable framework that can support and integrate multiple cloud platforms


Strategize & Innovate

With Cloud7, you can define your own Cloud strategy, and innovate without having to get blocked


Easy Customer Process

Cloud7 will help automate your business flow with a simplified customer engagement process


You don’t have to take our word for it


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